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Quantum of Solace Trailer #1

Английский язык по фильмам
Первый трейлер фильма “Квант утешения” (офиц. “Квант милосердия”) на английском языке.
Грамматика английского языка: планирование деятельности в будущем – “be going to”.

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Звуковая дорожка

-I was always very interested to meet you. I`ve heard so much about you from Thespa. If she hadn`t killed herself, we would have had you, too.
-Are you going to tell us who you work for?
-The first thing you should know about us is that we have people everywhere.
-I thought I could trust you. You said you weren`t motivated by revenge.
-I`m motivated by my duty.
-I think you`re so blinded by inconsolable rage, that you don`t care who you hurt. When you can`t tell your friends from your enemies, it`s time to go.
-You don`t have to worry about me.
Restrict Bond`s movements. Put a stop on his passport.
-Find Bond.
-How long have I got?
-Thirty seconds.
-Well, that doesn`t give us a lot of time.


revenge – месть (синоним: vengeance)
She is seeking revenge for the murder of her husband.
duty – долг, обязательство
She has a strong sense of moral duty.
blind – слепой, ослепленный
Blinded by tears, I walked towards the door. (Ослепленный слезами…)
inconsolable – so sad that it is impossible for anyone to comfort you (безутешный)
The boy was inconsolable after the death of his dog.
rage – ярость
His face was red with rage.
hurt/hurt/hurt – причинить боль, травмировать
Was anyone hurt in the accident?  (… в аварии?)
tell/told/told – (здесь) to be able to see how one person or thing is different from another
tell something from something
How can you tell a fake Vuitton handbag from the real thing? (… поддельную сумочку от Луи Виттона …) –
по цене вероятно  🙂
Can you tell the difference between sparkling wine and champagne? (… игристым вином …)

restrict – ограничивать
movement –  передвижение, перемещение
put a stop – прекратить, остановить


‘Going to’ используется, что бы сказать о намерениях или решениях на будущее:
I’m going to study medicine at university.
I’m going to visit my mother at the weekend.
I have won $1,000. I am going to buy a new TV.

Если употребляется ‘going to’ мы фокусируем внимание на намерении а не на предыдущих приготовлениях (как в случае с present continuous – I’m meeting Ronnie for a coffee after the lesson).
Решение было принято до момента речи (а не в момент, как в случае с will – I’ll go up to bed now).

Часто ‘going to’ используется, что бы сделать очевидное предсказание/прогноз о будущем.
The sky is very black. It is going to snow.
It’s 8.30! You’re going to miss the train!
I crashed the company car. My boss isn’t going to be very happy!

Найдите в трейлере ‘be going to’, и подумайте, почему оно там использовалось.
Тот же трейлер на русском: http://www.youtube.com/

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