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WALL-E trailer

Трейлер Wall-e с небольшим упражнением на listening.
Числа в английском языке.

Как смотреть видео

Seven hundred years into the future, mankind will leave our planet. earth’s cleanup in the hands of one incredible machine.

Meet Wall-E. The last robot on Earth. to clean up our planet. But after all these years, he’s developed one little glitch – a personality!

-Wow! -He’s extremely . Highly inquisitive. And just a little bit lonely. But all that is about to .

-At last... -Wow! -My love is...

Her name is Eve. She may be wired differently, but that’s not going to stop Wall*E from trying to make a connection.

Now, he’s leaving the only he’s ever known to find the only friend he’s ever had.

into – в или до определенного момента (at or until a certain time):
Andy and I talked well into the night. – Мы с Энди болтали до самой ночи
mankind – человечество
one of the most important events in the history of mankind
cleanup – очистка
incredible – потрясающий (extremely good, large, or great)
The view is just incredible.
There was blood everywhere and the pain was incredible.

in the hands of = in the control of
This matter is too important to be left in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer.
he’s (= he has – почему не is/was?) developed one little glitch – a personality
У него появился небольшой сбой (компьютерный глюк) – индивидуальность
develope – появилась проблема:
The oil tank had developed a small crack.
The plane developed engine trouble and was forced to land.
inquisitive – любопытный, любознательный
wire – соединять проводами, подключать
Now, he’s leaving the only world he’s ever known to find the only friend he’s ever had. – просто классическое предложение на времена. Что значит каждая ’s? Почему то или иное время?

Обратите внимание на:

Seven hundred а не hundreds
mankind will leave – будущее время
earth’s cleanup – притяжательная форма.

Числа в английском языке

The cardinal numbers (one, two, three, etc.) are adjectives referring to quantity, and the ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.) refer to distribution.

  • There are twenty-five people in the room.
  • He was the fourteenth person to win the award since 1934.
  • Six hundred thousand people were left homeless after the earthquake.
  • I must have asked you twenty times to be quiet.
  • He went to Israel for the third time this year.

Fractions and decimals

Said Written Said
half 0.5 point five
a quarter 0.25 point two five
three quarters 0.75 point seven five


Written Said
25% twenty five percent
50% fifty percent
75% seventy five percent
100% a/one hundred percent


Written Said
$1,200 one thousand two hundred dollars
£16,486 sixteen thousand four hundred and eighty-six pounds
545kms five hundred and forty-five kilometres
$25.35 twenty-five dollars thirty-five


Written Said
1988 Nineteen eighty-eight
1864 Eighteen sixty-four
1999 Nineteen ninety-nine

How to say ‘0’

nought used in mathematical expressions and decimals:
nought times three equals nought
0.3 = ‘nought point three’ (or ‘point three’)
0.03 = ‘point nought three’
zero used in scientific expressions, especially temperatures:
-20oC = minus twenty degrees or twenty degrees below zero
also used to mean ‘the lowest point’:
‘The heavy rain reduced visibility to zero
o‘ (the letter) used in telephone numbers:
0171 390 0062 = ‘o one seven one three nine o double o six two’
nil/nothing used to express the score in games such as football:
2 – 0 = ‘two nil‘ or ‘two nothing

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