Three young sisters found home alone on Christmas Eve… so police have whip-round to buy them presents and a tree

Рождественская история на английском языке
Три сестренки были найдены дома одни на Рождество, поэтому полицейские собрали деньги, чтобы купить им подарки и елку.

have a whip-round – [informal] if a group of people have a whip-round, they all give some money so that they can buy something together:
We had a whip-round to pay for a taxi to the railway station.

Three young girls were found home alone and apparently abandoned on Christmas Eve, it emerged yesterday. Три маленькие девочки были найдены дома одни и, по-видимому, брошены на сочельник, как выяснилось вчера
Christmas Eve – December 24th, the day before Christmas Day:
We spent Christmas Eve cooking and getting ready for Christmas Day

The youngsters had been left with no presents to open and no tree to cheer them up. Дети были оставлены без подарков, которые можно было бы развернуть и без елки, которая могла бы их развеселить.
youngster – [old-fashioned] a child or young person
While police officers tracked down and arrested their mother on suspicion of neglect, their colleagues organised a whip-round and dashed to the shops before they closed for Christmas to buy some last-minute gifts for the girls. Пока офицеры полиции разыскали и арестовали их мать по подозрению в невыполнении обязанностей, их коллеги собрали деньги и ринулись в магазины, пока они не закрылись на Рождество, чтобы в последний момент купить подарки для девочек.
dash – to go or run somewhere very quickly:
Olive dashed into the room, grabbed her bag, and ran out again.
last-minute – happening or done as late as possible before something else happens:
a few last-minute changes to the script
The incident happened in Gorton – the tough district of South Manchester which originally formed the backdrop of the Channel 4 comedy series Shameless. Инцидент произошел в Гортоне – криминальном районе Южного Манчестера, в котором изначально снимался комедийный сериал Четвертого канала “Бесстыдный”.
tough – [violent area] a tough part of a town has a lot of crime or violence
tough neighborhood/area/part of town etc
a tough area of Chicago

backdrop – (декорационный) задник
Yesterday, after the sisters – all aged under ten – were placed into care, the police support staff spoke of their heartbreak at learning the girls had faced missing out on Christmas. Вчера, после того как сестры (все младше десяти лет) были взяты на попечение, вспомогательный персонал полиции сообщил о глубокой печали, т.к. они узнали что девочки не встретили Рождество.
in care – a child who is in care is being looked after by the government, not by their parents:
When he was sent to prison, the children were taken into care.
miss out – [phrasal verb] to not have the chance to do something that you enjoy and that would be good for you:
Some children miss out because their parents can’t afford to pay for school trips
After a call was made about the trio’s welfare, police officers were sent round to the house and found them by themselves with no one apparently looking after them, no Christmas tree and no presents. После телефонного звонка о состоянии троицы, офицеры полиции были отправлены в их дом и нашли их одних, без присмотра, без елки и без подарков.
welfare – someone’s welfare is their health and happiness:
Our only concern is the children’s welfare.
With just hours to go before the shops shut, call handling staff clubbed together to try and ensure they didn’t face a totally miserable Christmas Day. За несколько часов до закрытия магазинов, персонал по обработке телефонных звонков сложили деньги, чтобы постараться и гарантировать, что они не встретят совершенно печальное Рождество.
Pam Wild, 50, said: ‘I just couldn’t bear the thought of the children waking up on Christmas morning with no presents, so me and some of the girls had a whip-round and got them some gifts.’ Пятидесятилетняя Пэм Вайлд сказала: «Я просто не могла вынести мысли, что дети проснутся Рождественским утром без подарков, поэтому мы с девушками собрали денег и купили им подарки»

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